Get Involved


You can make a difference—and probably more than you think! The Republican Party of Cabarrus County is all about making a positive impact in our society based on solid conservative principles. This takes the efforts, however small, of many people.

We live in a challenging, though wonderful time! We are free to influence those who are supposed to represent us in government. When they do, we need to encourage them and show our appreciation. When they don’t, we need to remind them of why we elected them and attempt to sway them back to the right path. If you feel they won’t listen, you always have the option to run for office yourself or get someone you think would do a better job than the person currently in office!

The fact is, our strength is by individuals getting involved in sufficient numbers that we have enough numbers to carry the day. And, unlike war, elections are strictly won by numbers. The only way to get what you want is to get enough others to go along with you in an election. If you do, you not only have helped change how things are, but how they will probably be later, perhaps even for your grandchildren—even if you don’t even have children yet!

If you haven’t yet signed up for our email please do. This way you can be notified up upcoming events learn ways you can help support the party.